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Bob People: Get to Know Shannon Senol


If you've been to Bob recently, you'll have noticed the calming presence of our senior stylist Shannon Senol. With a passion for sustainability and animal welfare, Shannon's inquisitive nature into a more natural and sustainable hair industry made her the perfect fit for the Bob team. Genuine in her love for looking after her client's hair and health, Shannon's belief that modern hair needn't come at the expense of wellbeing wholly aligns with Bob's. With experience in both the UK and Australia, and a passion for both cutting and colouring, here Shannon talks going vegan, asking more from the hair industry, and what drew her to Bob.

Shannon Senol @ Bob Melbourne

Tell us a bit about your career in hair and otherwise?

I have been hairdressing for over 10 years. I was 15 when I started and didn't know much about the industry, but I quickly grew to love the fashion side. I did my apprenticeship with one of  Melbourne's big salon groups.

I had many opportunities in assisting hair for fashion shows, and after a few years I worked out that I just loved the salon/client side to hairdressing, when I discovered my love for colour and doing natural looking colours blondes and balayage.

Working in the U.K. with some great hair stylists gave me an amazing foundation for cutting. I’ve had some great opportunities in my hair career and have worked with so many amazing hair dressers that have given me the skills I have today, but the biggest thing for me nowdays is not working without harsh chemicals and caring about the environment. 

What drew you into Bob? 

What drew me to Bob was their ethos and products they used. I wanted to work for a business that fits in with my ethics. Six years ago (when I went vegan), I also decided  to switch to a more natural lifestyle. This led to me having a small break from hairdressing to study naturopathy, but I missed working with hair so I started doing research in finding an alternative to conventional salons. 

I discovered I was able to work with products that fit in with my beliefs and ethics, and since then, I have made it a priority to work in salons that use natural alternatives. Bob makes this more exciting then just that by also being sustainable and waste free, so I’m able to practice what I preach at home and at work. 

Tell us about your travels overseas, and what you experienced in the hair industry there?

Working in the U.K. was an amazing experience in my career I worked in an eco salon with a similar concept to Bob, but the clientele was focused on more haircutting than colour. I had amazing training in modern cutting techniques and was able to teach colour during my time there.

If you could teach the hair industry anything about natural ingredients and sustainable practices, what would it be?

You simply don't need the nasty chemicals to get results, and consider what the impact our industry has on the environment. 

You are a seasoned vegan. What are your favourite vegan eats in Melbourne?

There are many great eats making it easy to be vegan in Melbourne, these are my favourite:
Monk Bodhi Dharma in Balaclava
Particle Cafe in Avondale Heights
Neko Neko in Fitzroy
Vegie Bar in Fitzroy
Yong Green Food in Fitzroy


Shannon is available for consultations Wednesday through Saturday. Book on our website or call us for more information.