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Bob People: Em Seerup

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An expert in hair styling and colour, and mature beyond her years, Em Seerup joined the Bob family recently, bringing with her a fun energy and a wealth of experience.

With an adventurous and warm spirit, Em is the girl you’ll find with a new hair colour each time you visit the salon. You’ll likely find her dancing along to the Black Keys, and chatting to each client as though they were an old friend.

 From her favourite hair cut of the moment, to her passion for sustainability, here, we get to know the new kid on the Bob block, Em Seerup.

Tell us about your career so far, and what your path to hairdressing looked like?

Hairdressing was always something I took an interest in - I was definitely that kid that bleached and hacked their own hair off through high school. I worked part time in salons as a shampoo girl and completed a course during year 11, and that's when I really knew I had the passion for it. I then left school to pursue my apprenticeship.


What led you to Bob – we believe you're vegan – did this influence your desire to work somewhere like Bob?

I am vegan and that definitely had some impact. When I was working at my previous salon, I became more aware and more frustrated with the amount of mindless waste the hairdressing industry produces and wanted to work somewhere that had the same values for cruelty free practices and sustainability as I did. I came across Bob on Instagram and instantly knew it was the place for me.

Tell us about blondes and natural colours. We know it's a speciality of yours so are interested in how you approach this?

I love colour! I love the way colour can change the way someone feels about themselves. I always approach colour with an emphasis on HEALTHY hair, especially blondes! It's so important to prioritise the condition of your hair, as healthy hair will always look better, shinier, and hold tone better. I love natural colours because you can really compliment an individual’s skin and eye colour, whilst keeping it low maintenance for them.


Favourite hair cut at the moment?

Shag! I love textured, undone hair.


What advice would you give to a client who wanted to make a drastic change to their hair, but was a little hesitant?

Think about it! Don't make a drastic decision after anything emotional or at the spur of the moment, you'll end up hating it. Let the idea sit in your mind for a while, look at some photos, make sure you have a good chat with your stylist about the maintenance of your new style, then just do it! Change is good. 


You change your hair colour often - talk to us a little about your creativity and fun when it comes to hair?

I love changing my hair. I feel most myself when I have a vibrant colour. Often people will tell me they love my hair, but could not pull it off themselves – yes, you absolutely can! It's all in the mind. Hair is like clothing - it's such an amazing way to express your personality, and it's something you wear everyday. I love when people want to have fun with their hair and try new things. (Green anyone?)


Favourite song to play in the salon?

I'm happy to listen to anything in salon, but I do have a particular boogie to The Black Keys and Marian Hill.

Funniest thing you've overheard in a salon conversation?

Anything Charlotte says!


Favourite thing about hairdressing?

The social side. I love getting to meet people from all walks of life, listen to their stories, build relationships and help them love themselves.