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Autumn Reading List

After December and January’s chaos, now is the time to rest and restore. As we bid farewell to summer, we are resolving to slow down and steal some moments back for ourselves this autumn.

And nothing invites you to unplug from the world quite like reading. Here, we share four books we’ll be plucking off the shelves of our local bookstore this autumn.


To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World?

Lucy Siegle

An insightful, environmentally-minded look at the fashion industry through the eyes of the Observer’s ethical living columnist, Lucy Siegle.

The Museum of Modern Love

Heather Rose

Arky Levin is a film composer in New York separated from his wife under uniquely devastating circumstances. One day he finds his way to The Atrium at MOMA and sees Marina Abramovic in The Artist is Present. The performance engages an eclectic audience, and as it unfolds over 75 days, so does Arky.   


Ruth Reichl

The perfect book for happy, lazy weekend reading, Delicious tells the story of Billie Breslin’s adventures on the culinary streets of New York while working for the country’s most iconic food magazine.


Paul Auster

An intriguing tale of two intelligent and struggling novelists. Moments of enchantment and disturbance weave through the narrative of this complex novel, where Peter Aaron takes it upon himself to tell the life story of his friend, Ben Sachs. 

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