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Bob People: Going Makeup Free with Charlotte Archer


Whether we like to admit it or not, as women, we are taught that wearing makeup is the norm. Some of us may say that we embrace both our beauty and our imperfections, but most of our morning routines involve applying makeup to cover whatever it is that we feel the need to hide. We pretend we’re comfortable in our skin, yet we go to great lengths to enhance or alter our appearances.

After a tough period that saw Bob director Charlotte’s skin blow up before a summer holiday, it was time to leave the makeup at home and embrace her natural beauty. After feeling more herself than ever and letting her natural beauty shine through, Charlotte never looked back.

Here, she shares the story of embracing her best bits and imperfections.

Why did you decide to go makeup free and how long have you been doing it?

This is a hard question for me to answer, but if I am being completely honest, it was after coming off a lot of fertility medication. My skin completely blew out and I felt awful. I have always had pretty good skin and this totally threw me off. While my skin was bad, I had to wear more tinted moisturiser than usual and my skin felt gross with it all sitting on my face. As it came closer to Christmas, it started to get better, so when I went on holiday, I decided to leave my makeup bag behind and let my skin breath properly after having covered it so much over the previous couple of months. It felt so good having my skin feel fresh and clean and making the most of the sun, fresh air and salt water to heal my skin. I do think the body has different ways of detoxifying itself and at this time in my life it was through my skin, so I kind of had to wait to let it do its thing. However, once I started, it felt like my skin could heal faster, due to not having anything clogging my pores and just letting it be.


Talk us through what you noticed one week in, one month in and two months in?

The first week I felt great! It was peak summer, I was outside every day; swimming in the ocean and being in the fresh air as we were on holiday. So all in all it was very easy, as I was not at work and didn't have to be "done up" for anything. It felt amazing not having all those cosmetics on my skin and seeing a natural glow come out. It's hard to say the difference I saw between those periods, but my skin just got better and better over time and I wouldn't go back to make up now.


What were your biggest fears with going makeup free?

Again, as this was a last minute decision just before we left for Christmas break, I didn't have too much time to analyse it. I started at the beginning of my holiday, I saw the difference and just never went back. I think it is a lot easier in summer, when you have a bit more colour in your skin and look healthier. I also think people eat a lot better and drink a lot more water in summer, so your skin just thrives more. Personally, I would never have done this in winter.


Has it changed the way you see yourself?

That’s a hard one. Maybe just that I feel a little more me and a lot fresher.


Why do you think it’s important for women to try going makeup free?

I think it is super important for women (especially young woman) to be comfortable in their own skin (literally). Unfortunately we are bought up around media and magazines with models that have a lot of make up on and who have been excessively re-touched. This gives women a false sense of self and we lose touch with what is real. I think going make up free can be rather empowering to woman, as it means you’re embracing your raw beauty.


What are your favourite products and treatments to support healthy, glowing skin?

I have only really used two products on my face since going make up free in December last year. I use the Skin Juice - Drench Cleansing Oil, which I am obsessed with. It cleanses the skin beautifully, without stripping the skin of its natural moisture and it’s completely natural and free from synthetic oils, such as mineral oils, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and harsh surfactants.


The other product I use is an organic rose hip oil, instead of a moisturiser. I did not go fancy with this one, it cost me $30 and I love it. I am a sucker for beautiful serums, however after having used this for a while it leaves my skin glowing. I think you just have to use what works for you.

I think the most misunderstood thing about skin, is that if you are prone to oily skin you should not use oil cleanses and use something that strips the oil away. It’s exactly like hair, if you keep using astringent products on the scalp or face, your sebaceous glands go into over drive and produce even more oil. So using cleansers for oily skin that are stripping is not always the best thing.


The one thing that kept me going was visiting the Little Company for the best facial ever. I was told that my skin was looking good and that whatever I was doing was working for me. This was a breath of fresh air and exactly what I needed to hear. They use the most unbelievable natural products and this is where I got my cleanser from.


My one tip for healthy skin is drink as much water as you can and drink a cup of hot water with half a squeezed lemon every morning on rising. My mother in law has been doing this her whole life and has the best skin I have seen on a 60-year-old that hasn't had work done (haha).