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Bob on Sustainability: Hair Booms

As you take a seat in your salon chair for an hour (or three) of you time, it’s a fair assumption that the last thing on your mind is, ‘where does all my hair lying helplessly on the floor there go?’ And that’s fair enough, too; when most hairdressers start out in the industry, it’s certainly not at the top of their list of questions, either.

But, at Bob, our commitment to sustainability is holistic. We are waste free, and that extends further than collecting chemical waste – which is repurposed to be used for manufacturing - and recycling foil, which is donated to food recovery organisation, Oz Harvest.

With hair clippings the quiet achiever of sustainability, our partnership with Sustainable Salons ensures they don’t go to waste. So when you cut a bob at Bob, you’ll rock it with extra confidence, knowing your vanity has done some good, with your hair being re-purposed in one of two ways.

Hair clippings are stuffed into sausage-like stockings that create hair booms, which have been designed to help clean up oil spills along the Australian coast. If you’re getting your pony tail chopped off, Sustainable Salons, on Bob’s behalf, will makes a wig out of it for the Variety Children’s Foundation.

At a salon where aesthetics and sustainability are equally important to both our team and our clients, it feels good to take a seat knowing that your guilty pleasure for good looking hair has not have to come at a cost to the environment; in fact it's not a guilty pleasure at all.