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Cool to be Kind: Our Favourite Sustainable and Ethical Labels


Where were your clothes made? What materials and practices were used in their creation? How long do you keep a piece in your wardrobe before you’re sick of it?

These questions are increasingly becoming the norm in the world of fashion, and the conversation on style and sustainability is a popular one at Bob; both our staff and our clients are excited by local labels committed to ethical fashion, and we strive to shop local so that we can support other businesses the way our clients support us.

Here, we share five of our favourite Melbourne labels that create with longevity, locality, quality, and the earth in mind.  


An Australian and New York based label that focuses on sustainability, transparency, and well considered pieces, Arnsdorf was founded in 2006, and then put on hold in 2012 when creative director Jade Sarita Arnott started to feel disconnected to the traditional fashion lifecycle. Re-emerging in 2016 with a new approach, Arnsdorf designs with a prolonged lifecycle in mind, whilst minimising waste, supporting the local community by making each piece in Collingwood, and using the most sustainable fabrics possible.


Kowtow is a conscious label with a strong design philosophy and an innate sense of comfort. Described as minimalist and effortless, each Kowtow collection is entirely made with sustainably and ethically sourced materials. With buttons made in Italy from recycled hemp, organic fair trade cotton and sustainable packaging, Kowtow considers its impact from every angle.

Limb the Label

Limb the Label is committed to sustainability and fashion with a social conscience. With ethical production at the foundation of the label, Limb is proudly made in Australia; where their flagship Melbourne store also plays home to their studio out the back.


Kloke believe that when you're spending money on a garment, you really want it to last. Therefore, the label’s intention is that each piece is still wearable and relevant after four or more years. The result is an ethically made collection of classic and modern pieces designed to love, and wear over and over.

Well Made Clothes

With the notion that too many articles of poorly made clothing are being purchased, Well Made Clothes is an online store dedicated to brands that are hand crafted, vegan, sustainable, and locally made. Minimal on waste and maximal on transparency, each label has been selected for their commitment for style and ethics.

Photo sourced from the Arnsdorf website.