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Bob Events: Spring Equinox with Chardee McEwan

In a world where we are constantly connected in a superficial sense - to our phones, our emails, and our televisions - what does it mean to connect with ourselves in a truer sense, and more importantly, how do we do it?

In our Spring Equinox workshop, Chardee McEwan (kinesiologist, reiki healer and yin yoga instructor, to name a few) will lead students onto a path of self discovery whilst reflecting on the importance of the solstice and equinox for fostering a deeper connection to our higher selves.

A calming, reflective workshop that will include conversation, relaxing yoga postures, meditation and journaling, Chardee opens a safe space to connect and discover.

Here, Chardee shares her journey to date - from finance to kinesiology - and delves into the content covered in her enlightening workshop.


Tell us a little bit about your background?

I have been within the health and wellness field for about 10 years. My past working life was completely different; I spent years in management and worked within finance in a government industry, I studied literature at university and I was a bit of a sceptic in general. Five years ago I had a huge awakening, and I walked away from a very promising career to follow my heart and passion into alternative health. I then trained in kinesiology, neuro-training, reiki, yin yoga, advanced crystal dreaming & herbology. After setting up my own business, I was lucky enough to connect with the amazing Amanda from Angea Acupuncture & Yoga, and have been honoured to work with her within this beautiful healing space.


You will be talking about the importance and history of the solstice and equinox - can you run us through that?

5000 years ago the Egyptians transitioned us to a solar calendar, thus moving us away from our lunar rituals and way of life. I am not against sun worship at all, but we have lost our ability to turn inwards and reflect with our departure from the lunar calendar. In joining in the celebrations of the solstices and equinox we are re-remembering the sacred traditions of our ancestors, and allowing ourselves to connect with Mother Earth and the change of the seasons.  


You will be guiding guests on a journey to meet higher-self and ask important questions - I would love to hear more about this process and the benefits?

If you ask people today what they are searching for, many will answer that they are craving connection to like-minded people; it is something that I see in clinic all the time. This is why I have created a safe space for them to be able to connect back to their true and higher-self; having the space to hear the inner wisdom of their higher-self. We start by dissolving any energetic blocks that may be keeping you from allowing this connection and end by journaling the conversation so you are able to reflect on this later.


How important is journaling to you - do you think everyone should keep a journal?


Yes, I think today people are starting to use journaling differently. Instagram has become a picture journal of everybody’s reflection of themselves, but nothing beats being able to put pen to paper and express your inner most thoughts.


What would be your advice for someone a bit sceptical but intrigued about journaling - what to write and how to start?

Journaling can be used in all sorts of different ways. It is amazing for creating space for busy people, as you are able to document everything that you need to do and can break these down into manageable tasks (this is how I first started).

Journaling for mindfulness is a bit different, as you are able to track your progress and growth. When starting a mindful journal, write down your goals for the start of every week, such as, go to yoga twice this week and make time to read a book for 30 minutes every night.

Then, daily it is best to write down polar opposites, such as: things I am grateful for today, and things I could have done better today.


The way you use the journal is for total reflection. It is easy today to be swept away with negative emotions, and the journal is helpful for putting things in perspective. Plus, when you note 365 things you are grateful for each year, your neurological chemistry starts to change.   


What do you hope for your guests to feel and think at the conclusion of the workshop?

I am hoping to create true connection for everyone who attends. I want them to know that they are unconditionally loved by the Divine. I want to create a space where they feel empowered. Shaking off the chill of the winter solstices and welcoming the abundance of the spring equinox.

This calming event will take place at Bob on Sunday 23rd September. To book or find out more, contact us by email or phone.
03 8849 9125