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Talking Natural (Ingredients) Blondes & Sustainability with Nutritionist Stephanie Geddes


As part of her work life and personal life, nutritionist Stephanie Geddes is all about nourishment from the inside out. As a blonde with the same concerns as most - that natural ingredients cannot achieve the same colour results - the nutritionist and recipe developer came to Bob in her plight to bring sustainability and health into more aspects of her life.

Here, she shares her Bob experience, talks wellbeing and sustainability, and shares two nourishing winter recipes for good health.

As a nutritionist, you're always looking for natural and healthy ways to eat and live. When did you start to realise that mainstream hair salons' ingredients and waste is perhaps more alarming than one would think?

Being a blonde, I get my hair done regularly and it has always been in the back of my mind that the products used were likely quite toxic but I suppose I didn’t think a more natural option would produce the same result (and a lot of hair dressers told me it wouldn’t).

I first came across BOB about 12 months ago and the whole concept just made so much sense, not just the more natural/less toxic products but the sustainability of the practices too – I couldn’t believe how much waste there was in regular salons!

Until just recently however, I had put off making the switch in fear of not getting the creamy blonde result I want (and I got married six months ago so I definitely wasn’t willing to risk it leading up to that!) but I made a promise to myself that this July I would do more to be sustainable and this was one aspect of my life I wanted to address.


Talk to us a little bit about your experience at Bob; from being there in the salon to what your learnt?

I had a consultation first and to be honest I just loved everything from the moment I walked in. The design and décor of the studio, the friendly staff and the service (plus it is dog friendly!).

Then I had my first appointment and the positive experience just got better; a heat pack to go on my lap upon arrival, a complimentary selection of organic teas, chai and coffee (loose leaf so there is no tea bags going to waste), a mini raw treat that came with my chai, the most lovely and genuinely passionate staff and most importantly a creamy blonde and short bob that I absolutely love.

Courtney explained the processes to me to show how everything they do there is more sustainable and also how the more natural products work with my hair.

You're aiming to becoming more and more sustainable - what's your top tip for making the first step?

I think we get caught up in trying to do everything and be perfect but really what is best to pick 1-2 things to focus on, (for example use re-usable shopping bags and use less glad wrap), and once they feel like a habit then move onto another 1-2 things to change. It’s a similar process to people making more positive changes with their nutrition.


And on that, what's your number one health tip for someone wanting to make healthy changes?

Eat more vegetables! Regardless of whether you’re a meat eater, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or follow any dietary labels, we can all include more vegetables in our diet and should be eating mostly plants. Plus if you actually stick to the recommendation of minimum 5 serves per day, you don’t have much room for other junk in your diet.


Favourite immune boosting meals for winter?

Definitely my Nourishing Bean Soup but also my Creamy Gut Friendly Porridge.  

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