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Bob Rituals: The Bob Treatment


As we welcome the first change of season for the year, we’re looking to autumn as our time to hit reset. After summer’s salt water has dried out our hair, and its endless celebrations have us craving rest, autumn at Bob means nourishing hair treatments to restore hair health and vitality.

Tailored to work for your hair type and its unique needs, the Bob treatment focuses on restoration for both hair and mind, accompanied by essential oils, noise cancelling head phones and therapeutic tea.

Here, we share a quick breakdown of our favourite thing on the Bob menu.

·       Beginning with your choice of vibe-raising essential oil, your stylist will have you inhaling and exhaling your scent while you slow down your breath and let go.

·       Once settled comfortably into the basin, you hair will be washed and prepped for treatment, whether it be strengthening for stressed and damaged hair, a hydrating moisture infusion for dry hair, or a shine enhancing treatment for manageability.

·       Using pressure point techniques and a firm pressure massage to bring you into a calm state, the next step is a scalp massage to relieve tension and promote blood flow.

·       While your treatment works its wonders on your hair, we’ll give you a hot hair wrap, an eye mask and noise cancelling head phones with calming music.

·       When you begin to come back to earth, the treatment ends with a beautiful tea blend of your choice from Edible Beauty.

Somewhere between a meditation, a treatment, and a massage, the salon basin is where you’ll find us when we need some time out.