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With its origins and laboratories in Barcelona, Lakmé draws on Mediterranean values in its brand foundations. An eclectic mix of Spanish artistic tradition and the culture of knowledge sharing are company attributes that contribute to a focus on beauty, hair health and innovation.  

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Why we choose Lakmé

At Bob, we have chosen to work with Lakmé colour due to its high quality ingredients and finish. Lakmé is renowned for its ash tones and high density colour whilst providing ultra-gloss through the use of natural and organic ingredients. Most importantly it is 100% animal friendly with the Chroma range being vegan. Put simply, our colour work would not be the same without the results of Lakmé colour.


About Bob

Bob is a natural hair salon founded on the belief that a simpler approach to well-being enriches our lives. 

We use pure, high quality ingredients devoid of harmful chemicals to ensure that we are offering the highest grade haircare possible. With an environmental sensibility, our clients are not only improving their health when they choose to go natural; they are improving the earth, too.


Further Product Information

Our team are trained across our whole product range to provide expert advice to what products will be suit you. Please contact Bob directly if you would like to find out more about the Lakmé range.

Our Products

At Bob, our collection of products has been carefully curated to reflect our brand’s ethos. It is not just that we are passionate about the brands we are working with; we are also experts when it comes to their products.