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Bob People: Kristie Murphy of Freya's Nourishment

With the notion of replacing store bought products with those she could make for herself, Kristie Murphy's label Freya's Nourishment - with products spanning skincare, relaxation, and candles - is a reflection of the way she lives her own life. With a background in cooking and health, including studying reflexology, massage, and aromatherapy, each product reflects Murphy's affinity for the natural, the holistic, and the non-wasteful. 

Like minded in her ethos and a friend of Bob's, we sat down with Murphy to learn more about her lifestyle, and the creation of her natural scrubs, facial oils, bath salts, candles, and more. 


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Where do you live? 


What prompted you to shift toward a more natural lifestyle? When did it happen and what does it mean to you?  

My mum was 40 years ahead of her time. As a child, most things were homemade. We had a huge big mulberry tree out the back and when in season we had mulberry juice, jam, bread, ice blocks, pancakes…you name it! We weren’t allowed artificial colours or flavours, and we were made to appreciate the beauty in things. As a teenager, my doctors were naturopaths and alternative medicines were a normal part of my life; a GP was a last resort. So it was always there, in the background. I have Grave’s Disease and two of the coeliac genes, so many moons ago I lost faith in a medical system that has never been able to answer my questions or heal my body.

I was fortunate to have a wonderful acupuncturist who helped me recover from Grave’s about six or seven years ago without any of the drugs and this led me back to my roots, healing my own body through food. Being more aware of what went into my body led to what went onto my body and so on. What does it mean to me? Everything! It’s my life! And this in turn has become the basis of Freya’s Nourishment - it’s not just products, but a lifestyle of healthy, conscious living.

What are your favourite Freya's Nourishment products?

I love them all for different reasons and their unique qualities. The facial oil is something I use every day (and have done so for nearly nine years). The Rose Hand Scrub makes my entire being smile when I use it, when I smell it, when I see someone’s face when they experience it for the first time. The scrubs and salts I fall in love with again every time I find an alternative use for, I now use the Coffee Coconut Scrub not only on my face a few times a week, on my legs before shaving, anywhere that needs some TLC but I also use it in my hair once a week and on my feet every day. The Cacao & Lime Scrub, well that makes my heart soar. 

Favourite cook book? 

Raw by Omid Jaffari, The Unbakery by Megan May and My New Roots by Sarah Britton for inspiring me to experiment and to make vegetables the highlight of the dish rather than the after thought. 

Favourite 'slow living' activity? 

That would have to be anything and everything to do with food (can you tell I’m obsessed?). Whether it be growing my very small and limited amounts of foods at home (berries, garlic, herbs) but with the yearning to add more to that list each season, to going to my local farmer’s market, delighting in real foods, that don’t look like you would find them in the supermarkets, varieties that would never make it to the supermarket, cooking from scratch, using my dehydrator to create weird and wonderful things or just to make my own activated buckwheat rather than buying it…I love every aspect of food, and have done since I was a child. 

Favourite ethical/natural clothing brand? 

I have a rule whereby if I buy something, something has to go. It makes me think twice before buying anything. Do I love this new piece more than something in my wardrobe? No? Okay, then I don’t buy it. Nice pieces turn into every day pieces, every day pieces turn into lounge wear, lounge wear turns into rags for cleaning. So I haven’t bought anything new in ages!

But, I love Uncle May, a brand I met at my first market with Freya’s Nourishment. I love their minimalist approach, with pieces designed with neutral pieces to fit in with any wardrobe. Their minimalist checklist echoes my own…do I need it, do I love it, will I wear it next season, do I have something similar, does it fit me well?

If we were to do one thing only to start leading a more natural and sustainable lifestyle, where would you suggest we start?  

Don’t be overwhelmed, start small! Be curious and question everything.

There is so much to learn and understand, it’s like a Pandora’s Box and I learn more every day! Choose one thing that is easy for you to change, whether it be cutting out preservatives and processed foods, changing your lipstick to a natural one or replacing your cleaning products.

Then move on to something else - mouthwash, then toothpaste. Change your toothbrush from plastic to bamboo. Slowly go through your bathroom cabinet, then your laundry cabinet and kitchen cabinet. Leading a healthy lifestyle is not difficult, you just have to be conscious and be organised.

Favourite local healthy and/or sustainability minded businesses, shops, cafes and restaurants?

Bob! Seriously, if you can be pampered and know it’s good not only for you but helping others, then why not!

Foodwise, I love Farro Nourishing Eatery in Moorabbin for their menu and their service. Plus they are very supportive of their local community.

This is Life Wellness in Elwood, a beautiful wellness emporium and cafe.

The Organic Therapist, natural beauty therapist in Ripponlea. Lindy has been practising natural beauty for so many years, long before it was a thing. She makes her own products too and is such a kind soul.

My local farmer’s market which is on once a month, Ripe Organic Grocer at the Prahran market…there’s just too many to list, these are just a few of my favourites.