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Slow Food: Winter Immunity Broth

In keeping with our commitment to products, practices, and recipes that support our wellbeing during the cooler months, today, we share Charlotte’s winter immunity broth, which in her family, is a go-to for staving off colds and the like during winter. Slowly prepare the broth on a dismal stay-indoors-day, and benefit from its immune strengthening ingredients all winter long.


·         2-3 Organic chicken carcasses

·         1 large onion, halved

·         1 celery stick with leaves, roughly chopped 

·         2 carrots, roughly chopped

·         1 leek, roughly chopped

·         Small handful of fresh thyme sprigs

·         1/8 cup Organic Apple cider vinegar

·         1-2 tsp crushed salt flakes

·         1 tsp peppercorns

·         A big chunk fresh Turmeric sliced (the more the better, and ginger can be used instead if preferred)



·         Turn oven onto 200-200C and roast chicken carcasses till beautifully browned, this will make your broth that much yummier.

·         Once done, pop into slow cooker with the rest of the ingredients and then fill up with water so it covers all ingredients.

·         Turn slow cooker to high and wait till it comes to a heavy simmer, then reduce slow cooker to low or simmer setting. Set timer for 24 hours and then reset for additional 12-24 hours to get a really good gelatinous broth, that is full of goodness.


·         Use as much or all organic if possible.

·         I use a 6-litre slow cooker, as I like to make a lot and freeze half and pop half in the fridge to drink throughout the week. A slow cooker is ideal, as I have my broth simmering for 24-48 hours.

·         Using apple cider vinegar is really important in broth as it helps leach out all the nutrients from the bones/carcasses.

·         Go into your butcher and ask for chicken carcasses, most butchers will give you a bag of 2-3 for under $6.

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