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Winter Rituals: Products & Recipes for Well-being & Self-Care

At the onset of high winter, our moods and rituals begin to shift; we crave warmth and vitamin D, we cocoon our bodies in layers of comfort that has us forgetting to look after our skin, and we’re likely to attract a bit of a beating to the immune system.

At this time, the dust starts to settle and life tends to slow down. We begin to spend more time indoors; allowing us the opportunity for reflection, some space to breath, and some time to dedicate to self care.

From nourishing our skin to improving our immunity, here, we share our winter wellness habits.

Lather: Sans Ceuticals Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil

While we often overlook nourishing our skin during winter, it needn’t be a time to develop a layer of flakey, dead skin. We opt for our Sans Ceuticals Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil; a potent and reparative oil containing active vitamin A to stimulate cell repair, increase collagen production and boost skin resilience, tone and elasticity.

Not only do we lather our skin in this beautifully smelling, natural oil; we also apply it to our hair. The result is deeply soothing for the senses of touch and smell, making for a great pre-bedtime ritual to invite sleep.

A product always in our beauty cupboard, and available to shop in salon.

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Drink: Edible Beauty Tea

Created by a naturopath using therapeutic grade herbs and 95% organic ingredients, Edible Beauty’s range of teas are designed to reduce internal impurities, improve skin, and help you cleanse. Unique formulations of medicinal herbs will help relieve stress and anxiety, detoxify the body, stimulate your metabolism, promote skin healing, and combat the signs of ageing.

Not only do these teas make us feel relaxed and rejuvenated, their recipes ensuring that they’re also doing good to our insides.

A collection of these naturopathic teas are available to shop in salon.

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Make: Turmeric Latte  

With chronic inflammation said to be a contributor to many common Western diseases, we’re looking to turmeric for its anti-inflammatory benefits; best enjoyed blended with ginger and cinnamon and served in a warming mug.

1 mug of coconut milk
Small knob of fresh turmeric
Small knob of fresh ginger
Pinch of cinnamon and black pepper
1 tsp cultured butter or coconut oil (optional)

Blitz in a Thermo Mix or high speed blender and heat up.

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Make: Honey fermented garlic

Nutritionist Stephanie Wearne’s go-to for combating any cold, this honey fermented garlic is easy and low maintenance.

Stephanie’s tip:

“When organic garlic was in season at the start of year I stocked up, peeled the cloves, placed them in a jar and poured over some raw organic honey. Three days of burping and five months of fermenting on the kitchen bench later, and I have a jar full anti-microbial, anti-bacterial goodness. I eat them whole if I'm feeling run down otherwise add to salad dressings, herbal teas and even stir fries."

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